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Messianic Synagogue
Yashar Brewer
Tuesday October 4 2016, 12:00 AM

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      On Sunday (2 days ago) my family and I went to a messianic congregation. At first it was a little weird because we aren't used to being around people (for various reasons), but we got through the day just fine and had a great time. There was something wrong with their sound system that day so they couldn't play any music. I could tell that everyone was a little worried and sort of bummed out that there was no music. It actually got really awkward, but then one of the men there -- we met him but I can't remember his name -- just started singing one of the songs, then one by one everyone joined in. You could feel the love that was pouring out from everyone there . . . It was just amazing. After all the singing and literature one of the Rabbis got to speak. He said some interesting things, although I probably didn't understand it all it was still interesting. Then after he finished we got to hear an awesome shofar sounding. It was a cool experience and I hope that our next one is even better.

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