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Para-cord Bracelets
Yashar Brewer
Sunday October 9 2016, 12:00 AM

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      We've met quite a few people here at NorthShore, one of them is named Rich. Rich is a really nice guy and yesterday he came over and offered to teach all of us how to make para-cord bracelets (sorry if I spelled that wrong). These para-cords are actually really cool. People use them as survival "tools", because their actually made of eight little strings that can be used for fishing, sowing, and plenty of other things (that I can't remember). So he has this thing that he calls a "Jig". The Jig is what he uses to figure out what size to make the bracelets and it helps to hold the bracelet in place. Sam and Jessica made theirs yesterday and Joel and I are going over later today to make ours. Its really fun and pretty easy to make them and they look awesome when their all done.

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Yashar Brewer
@yashar-brewer   7 years ago
OMG! so many words. I need to go relax my brain now.
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