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Sukkot Tov
Yashar Brewer
Wednesday November 2 2016, 12:00 AM

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      Heyo! Its been a long time since my last blog but I'm back and ready to talk about all the amazing things that happened during Sukkot. Ok so first off, Assemble-Together (baby bird) took its first dive off the tree branch at the start of Sukkot and is going to become a beautiful soaring eagle very soon. We had an amazing time with the online fellowship, singing, dancing, laughing, and listening to all the wonderful lessons. Now, Sukkot is a feast so we obviously ate .  . . and ate . . . and ate, pretty much ate until our stomachs couldn't take anymore. We had so much Meat, I mean I probably ate a small cows worth of meat . xD .

       Our friends/Grandparents,  @jo-howell and  @dave-howell , came over for Sukkot and I'm pretty sure they had a Great time. If we all weren't listening to a lesson or some music playing on the online fellowship we were playing cards or swimming in the pool. . . . or cooking. My mom, brother; Sam, and I all needed new glasses so they took us to the eye doctor, and now Mom and Sam have their new glasses and mine will be here tomorrow. :) .

       I had an awesome time, this Sukkot was the best so far 10/10.

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Jo Howell
@jo-howell   7 years ago
You mom has promised pictures of all three of you once your glasses are in. We had a great time visiting with you all! Love you guys!
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