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funny birds
Yashar Brewer
Friday January 6 2017, 9:05 AM

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      Ok so there are these little birds around here that are kinda like little road runners. Their legs move so fast but they barely move because they are so small. They make this annoying little high pitched sound that drives me crazy. It really sucks when there are a Boat-load close to us, But they are also kinda cute so its not that bad. And that's all I got.

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Jo Howell
@jo-howell   6 years ago
Strange. I don't remember seeing any of those birds while we were there. Sure enjoyed watching the squirrels outside our cabin though. You'll have to point out those little birds next time we're there. I'm curious now!
Joel Brewer
@joel-brewer   6 years ago
LOL! Dave you nailed it!
Harmony McCullar
@harmony-mccullar   6 years ago
I have seen those before, I think. They sound really cool!
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