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Bungie Jumping Caterpillars
Yashar Brewer
Monday March 21 2016, 12:00 AM

   Just earlier today (while walking to the bathrooms) I noticed, and by "noticed" I mean "almost ran into one", a caterpillar hanging from what looked to me like a web.  After getting back from the bathrooms I stoped next to one and looked a little closer at what it was doing.  I saw that it was just hanging from a little tiny silk-like string.  My instant reaction to this weird caterpillar trying to climb up his little string was to grab the string and swirl it around trying to make the caterpillar barf.  When I finally realized that it was not going to barf, I continued walking down the road back home.  I saw that there were many more doing the exact same thing just outside our campsite, so I went and asked my mom to come and see.  After looking at the caterpillars a while and telling sam (my brother) to stop playing with them we went back in the camp and mom looked up "why do caterpillars hang from threads".  She showed me the page and it said that the Geometrid Caterpillar actually uses this thread as a sort-of bungie cord when it feels threatened, then it climbs back up the thread and continues eating.  I think that we all can agree that God has made some amazing things.  Even though I think caterpillars are quite disgusting looking, and feel very weird when they crawl on you, their still pretty amazing.


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Yashar Brewer
@yashar-brewer   7 years ago
*sings* spider worm, spider worm....
Jo Howell
@jo-howell   7 years ago
I probably would have gone running the other way if I encountered too many of those things hanging around. I, most likely, would have been the one barfing. Even without being twirled around. You are sure experiencing God's wonders each day as you live with nature. Pretty amazing, huh?
Joel Brewer
@joel-brewer   7 years ago
lol#spider worm :D
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