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AHHH Mosquitos
Yashar Brewer
Tuesday March 29 2016, 12:00 AM

    Within the last few weeks of us beeing back at LLSP we have witnessed many different bug hatches.  The first that we saw were some sort of little black bugs that absolutly loved humans.  I probably found 50-70 of them on me at once.  The second hatch was june bugs.  I hate these things for the simple fact that they are sooo dumb.  These rock hard, ultra fast and huge bugs are so annoying, especially when they fly right into your face and scare the snot out of you.  Currently we are in the mosquito apocolips :( .  I have had to get up from this blog to swat mosquitos so many times.  Between all six of us (the brewer family) we have probably killed close to one-thousand mosquitos.  Hopfully this place does not remain a mosquito death land for much longer.


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Jo Howell
@jo-howell   7 years ago
I actually saw something (I think a bug of some sort) fly past the patio door the other day. No mosquitos, June bugs or little black bugs yet. You're way ahead of us on spring, so our turn is coming...
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