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Best Five Papers
Yashar Brewer
Monday July 2 2018, 12:53 PM

JJ Brewer

Mrs. Holland



Best 5 Papers

This past school year has been one of the most challenging years of my life, but has also been one of the best. This year has been the first since third grade that I have had a real teacher other than my parents to walk me through a subject, and luckily enough, Mrs. Holland just happens to be great at her job. For me, writing is my worst subject and I had loathed the thought of having to go through a class on the subject. But I’m very glad that I was able to, because it’s helped me grow in an area of my brain that was very much underdeveloped. As I went on through the year I found that not all writing assignments are utterly horrifying and that some can even be a fun experience. Although I’m a novice when it comes to writing I have been able to write a few pieces that I’m proud of and I would like to list them here with a bit of description for each one.

Minecraft: How To

When Mrs. Holland decided to have us all create a “Minecraft how to” paper, I actually became quite excited to see what we would come up with and how each of our papers would differ. Since I have put a lot of time into playing Minecraft I felt pretty confident that I could write a solid paper. Then I ran into some trouble as I was writing that Mrs. Holland had warned us about, which was that because I played so much I would often leave out what I would consider “small” details that actually could leave someone completely clueless as to what I was talking about. But I was able to get passed that bump by rereading the paper a couple of times and making the subtle changes that I needed to in order to make everything come together. My Minecraft how to paper was the first paper I had ever written in my life that I was actually satisfied with and I bet that it would easily help anyone to start out in Minecraft.


This next paper is probably the one I’m most proud of out of all my papers. The “A-Tecia” themed story had started with just a few jokes on A-T, and eventually grew to be our first creative writing assignment for the year. Although I had originally been the one who pushed Mrs. Holland to let us write the paper I soon discovered how hard it was to create a fictional piece within the five-page limit that we were given for the class. Fortunately, I was able to push through the agony of summing up the latter end of the paper in order to make it all fit, and it still turned out ok in the end. This paper is the longest I have ever written and like I said earlier is still the one I’m most proud of. May the history of A-Tecia and Captain Pancake’s legend resound throughout the ages.

Literary Analysis: To Build a Fire

My literary analysis on the story “To Build a Fire” was one that I actually enjoyed writing because of how intriguing the story was and how amazingly the author used such descriptive wording throughout his piece. I definitely recommend reading the story itself before reading my analysis because it really is amazing. In my analysis I talk about how the story is constantly, but subtly, poking at the theme that one should respect one’s elders and take their advice and warnings seriously.

Graphene The Wonder Material

Being the geek that I am, when Mrs. Holland asked us to become a journalist and create a news-article-like paper, I jumped to a science related subject that I had recently become obsessed with and wrote about the “Wonder Material” graphene. Graphene is the strongest and most conductive material in the world, at its basest is only one atom thick making it a “2D” material, is nearly transparent, and highly flexible. I really enjoyed making this paper because it helped me to discover more about graphene than I had previously known as-well-as allowed me to write on something that I like.

Talk About Poverty

This informational paper on poverty was one of the toughest papers for me to write, but it was very impactful for me. As I went through studying and gathering information, I found out that there are so many more people around the world in real poverty than I had originally thought. There was even a statistic that I mentioned as unbiased as I could (because it’s an informative paper) that sort of made me angry. In unbiased verbiage, the statistic basically said that because of selfishness and improper management of the world’s food resources, there is about 1/3 of food produced that is either lost or wasted instead of being given to the people that need it. Other than the slightly depressing information that I collected I found that this was a paper I was proud of.

Like I said at the beginning, I am a novice when it comes to writing and although none of them are perfect I am proud of these few papers. I had a great year, a great teacher to help me learn, and Overall, I think I did ok for my first real writing class. Thanks to Mrs. Holland for teaching me, I’ll never stop learning and thanks for reading.

@rivkah-holland   5 years ago
Great Job! I am so proud of you and all my students!
Eliyanah Jordan Yarden
@eliyanah-jordan-yarden   5 years ago
JJ, I cannot read your papers yet... and, you haven't let me follow you yet either. Your descriptions of your writing have me curious!

Management of food resources gets under my skin too. Just a couple years ago, the weather was apparently perfect, and we had a bumper crop of cherries. A guy up here was told by the Michigan government to destroy tons and tons of cherries; because, if he put them on the market it, would drive the price of cherries too low. (I don't have the article in front of me, but it was a gross amount.) He wasn't even allowed to give the cherries to charity. Oh... I could go on and on...

I'm glad you had a good year for school, and in writing.
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