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Coding Class Recap
Yashar Brewer
Monday March 30 2020, 8:53 AM


In this year's coding class we have learned a lot. We started off with some JS / Block coding in Minecraft . I quite enjoyed the Minecraft experiments that we could do with the block code, but personally I like the raw coding more. It's a little more complicated than block code, and learning the language can be hard at times, but I think it just "feels" better.

Anyways, next we moved onto learning Javascript on khanacademy . Javascript has been the hardest, most challenging, and most fun language to learn so far. We learned how to:

  • make functions
  • write conditional statements
  • use for/while loops
  • and animate objects

. At the moment we're working on HTML/CSS code to learn how web-pages work so that we can make our own.

Which brings me to my next topic: Making my own website! As far as I can gather, after this assignment I'll be moving onto making a website on Github about a business idea. I have yet to come up with said "business idea" but I don't think it'll be to hard...... just might take a while. I am confident though that it will turn out alright.

So that's my Coding Class Recap! 

PS. This blog was made for an assignment in the coding class. You probably noticed the unordered list, links, and the orange "shalom" at the top. I did that with CSS in the source code of this blog! OH YEAH!

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